Struggles For Plantation Owners After Civil War. Bryan Feery

Many slaves were set free from the civil war and they went on to live their own life in which many created their own farms. On the other hand, not many of them went on to "own" a farm. This is because they either couldn't afford land or there was no land left. As a result they rented or worked for wages on white plantation owners land.

The Civil War caused many farms to die out as a result of the farmers going to war. There were so many farmers going to war that a lot of farms needed work and more manpower. For example 48% of men that served in The war were farmers.

As a result of the slaves being free; the farmers had to hire others to help keep their plantations going. This caused the farmers income to rise slower because they had to pay the enployees on their farm.

Once the slaves were able to make their own farm, both whites and blacks were able to grow crops such as cotton and tobacco. These cash crops allowed them to live on a steady income. Over time the income began to slow down because there were so many farmers trying to sell the same crops.

Farmers became very angry that there property just walked away from them after slaves had been freed. Some have went even so far as shooting the slaves as they walk away.


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