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Students With Solutions: PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center Selects BuzzingBOTS as a Top Eight Finalist

San Francisco, CA, February 28, 2017 - Thank you PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center for selecting BuzzingBOTS as a Top Eight finalist. Our 10 students are honored to receive medals for their participation in the 2017 Students With Solutions contest on behalf of BuzzingBOTS.

Like PACER, BuzzingBOTS believes students have solutions. We believe creativity makes the world better, not destruction.

Last month, BuzzingBOTS gathered 10 students. Each child created a BOT to communicate his or her anti-bullying solution.

Anik, age 5, created awesomeBOT. The BOT stands for smart and it helps people with knowledge. “Bullying is bad,” said Anik. “People should not bully and be nice to others.”

Ziah, age 8, created starBOT. The BOT uses the power of the stars to heal the sick. “BuzzingBOTS helps people become friends,” said Ziah. “If one BuzzingBOT is sick, another BuzzingBOT helps.”

Eve, age 10, had another solution. She created beautyBOT. The BOT reminds everyone they are beautiful in their own way. "BuzzingBOTS are original, unique, and creative and they are all different,” said Eve. “This reminds us that we are different and that it is ok and we need to accept each other."

Anya, age 6, created birdBOT to help transport people. Adam, age 16, created officerBOT to keep people safe. A. Flores, age 13, created speak-outBOT to encourage people to speak out when something is not right. Naya, age 15, created positiveBOT to spread positivity. Noah, age 10, created chiefBOT to help the world make peace. Micah, age 6, created cleanBOT to help people clean their houses. Morgan, age 11, created peaceBOT to spread peace.

Anya thought, “Why do people have to bully? Why can't they just ask nicely if they want something?”

By creating BuzzingBOTS, the students were able to communicate different ideas for people to coexist together. While each BOT is beautiful and different, they connect like puzzle pieces. BOT reminds people to “Be Original Together.”

BuzzingBOTS Strengthens its East Asian Licensing Presence with TACT and Empire

San Francisco, CA, August 3, 2015 – The owner of BuzzingBOTS™ has announced the renewal of its licensing agency agreement with TACT Communications in Japan. It has also signed with Empire Multimedia Corporation, the long-established East Asian licensing agency to expand BuzzingBOTS™ into China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam.

Kristine Tsung, creator of BuzzingBOTS and co-owner, Steven Post jointly commented “With Empire and TACT, we are excited to strengthen the presence of BuzzingBOTS in the East Asian market. The BuzzingBOTS concept celebrates social interaction, individuality, family, and community, all traits important in this part of the world.”

Tokyo-based ZenWorks Co., Ltd., an East Asian licensing consultancy, facilitated the East Asian partnerships with TACT Communications and Empire Multimedia Corporation.


BuzzingBOTS™ celebrates social media, interaction and social responsibility amongst tweens, teens, and the young at heart. The collection features individual BOTS, each themed with their unique identity, designed to feed the desire for individuality and yet be socially connected – including dozens of different BOTS, from yayBOT, omg!BOT and xoxoBOT, to seriously?BOT, bratBOT, h8rBOT and so much more. From sweet to edgy and everything in between, there’s a variety of BOTS that speak to everyone’s mood and sensibility.


TACT Communications, based in Tokyo, Japan, was founded in 1982 and offers consulting, branding, investing and licensing with over 30 years of experience in the licensing business. They provide a full range of agent services for successful development of licensing programs.


Empire Multimedia Corporation has well-placed offices in Manila (Head Office), Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Korea. They are the largest licensing agency in Asia. They represent major global brands, entertainment companies, and property owners.


Media contacts: BuzzingBOTS, LLC.

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Kristine Tsung, President/Chief Creator


TACT Communications

Saeko Tsuchiya


Empire Multimedia

Hubert Co


ZenWorks Co., Ltd.

Roger Berman


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