Awareness Week 2019

An M-A student, Samantha, dressed for the LGBTQ+ support day during Awareness Week.

Samantha describes that she dressed up and participated in the pride parade because "it's a lot of fun and I do it to be a part of a community. I don't have parents who would let me do something like this normally, so it's a great opportunity."

Sophomores Taylor Bofenkamp and Sarah Taylor dressed in black, in support of the "Me Too" movement.

The two students spoke about how the "Me Too" movement does not have enough publicity, and should be more widely recognized, one of the goals of Awareness Week. Taylor Bofenkamp stated that this cause is important to her because "it's really important to be aware of it, especially in this generation."

Sophomore Aman Parekh, smiling in his purple sweatshirt, which he wears to raise awareness for mental health.
Purple wristbands given out on the green at lunch, raising awareness for mental health.

The following day, the color was orange, raising awareness for gun violence. A Menlo-Atherton staff member said "I don't like guns whatsoever. I think it is important because a lot of us [on campus] obviously care about this issue of gun violence." She continued, "It's good to know that there are like-minded people who all want the same thing." A sophomore, Sybelle Paulsen, also spoke on the matter, claiming that she dressed up "to tell the adults in my life that I am a child. I shouldn't have to wear orange, or campaign for gun control... the adults in my life should be taking action."

Freshman, Malone Lohmann poses in his white clothing, raising awareness for the issue of substance abuse.

Malone Lohmann stated that this cause is important to him because "a lot of people are losing their lives to substance abuse." He added that he has "many relatives who have struggled with substance abuse," one of the reasons he participated in the awareness day.

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