The Divine Daniel nunez

(Photo 1 taken from the Foresight construction group web site: (Images 2 and 3 taken from the UF web site: The Spatial Experience: When I entered the theatre I felt a weird sensation of joy to discover a new place in UF, but also fear because I really didn't know what to expect from the play. The structure and size of the Constans theatre fitted perfectly with the setting of the play. Although it's not a giant theatre, it has a perfect size that lets everyone experience a good view. This caused me a sensation like if the play was being done for me, like if I was the only viewer. My seat location affected shockingly my experience, because at the beginning I was seating almost in front and I felt as if I was part of the play, part of the stage, but after the half-time break, my seat was already taken and I had to seat in the back, which made me feel more like an outsider. When the lights dimmed and the audience quieted I felt a deep calm and I was excited because I know the play was about to start. The place and setting can really affect your experiences and feelings, as they did during the play. It can affect the good life, because a desired setting can help you feel in the comfort zone and appreciate your surroundings.
The social experience: I attended the performance with my best friend. This made my experience much better, because I had someone with whom I could share my opinion in between and after the play. It also helped me see the play not as an obligatory assignment, but as a different entertaining activity to go with friends. Sharing experiences has an important role in the Good Life because all of us have different opinions and ideas. Through this way we could learn new things from others and improve our knowledge. Also, because all human beings have a social need, and we tend to be happier while having good friends and stories to share with them. (Photo taken by myself)
Robert Cushman,NATIONAL POST, August 1, 2015.
(Photo by David Cooper. The cultural and intellectual experience: The Divine tells a story that contains two important issues in our actual and past age. One is the secrets and darkness hidden behind religion, which is still a fact now a days. Horrible stories about rapes and mistreatment held by priests are released continuously, causing a big impact on society. Also, the time of the play is during the period when all these abuse stories were not discovered yet, and you could also see a lot of child abuse in work industry. The play didn't really change my opinion because I was already aware about how work industry used to employ children to do hard jobs and damage them physically, but also mentally, and I also had my opinions about the awful rape stories in religion. I am a very Catholic guy, and when I hear these stories I just get sad, because I can't believe that someone who dedicates his life to God could be capable to do such a thing. Also, work abuse is something we should still be aware of, because these situations still happen in different places in the world, and it is totally inhuman.
Photo by David Cooper.
(Photo by Yves Renaud. The emotional experience: The play gives us the opportunity of Katharsis, because it shows us really deep topics about society without any taboo, topics that we are not used to mention in our daily life. The actors and the script is so well done that it gave me the feeling as if what was happening in the play was a live real story, which caused the bristle of my skin and the stress of feeling such a strong issue. I think this appeal to emotions is an important detail that all plays, movies, novels, etc, should have, because it is what the audience enjoys the most.

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