Exhibit 3 Retrieval practice

The Three Techniques

Quizlet - Spanish Quiz regarding Inca civilization

I will use the online website, Quizlet.com, to create flashcards that I can use electronically on my phone or my laptop to pull up with ease. There are review tests, quizzes, and games to help me learn more of the material. I typically spent about 30 minutes on Quizlet every day for about a week because there was so much vocabulary. My grade increased from an 87 to an 100!

Flashcards - Spanish Vocab Quiz of Verbs

Flashcards are very simple to use but you can use them anywhere because they are somewhat portable and is a perfect opportunity to learn vocabulary by going through the cards and taking out the ones you know until you know all of them. I reviewed the flashcards for about 30 minutes every day for about 5 days because I didn’t know about the quiz until a little later than expected. My grade only remained at 100 since the quiz prior to this one was studied for using quizlet but I'm still happy with that grade!

I ended up making around 100 flashcards!

Practice Tests - Calculus Practice Test for Test #2

These practice tests were previous calculus tests from previous exams at Clemson and was incredibly helpful in determining how the exam was presented and what kind of material would be on it. I did a practice test every other day for about an hour and a half for a week prior to the examination. My grade went down from a 99 to a 94.


The quizlet technique worked the best for me because it was so easy to put together and it was super easy to learn it when I took the quizzes and the little games. I was definitely more confident in myself because I had reviewed the material so much when I used all three of the techniques. The other techniques were also very helpful but I enjoyed the quizlet resource the most of all of them. The calc test was lower but I wasn’t disappointed in the grade because it is pretty difficult to get a higher grade on a calc test than a 99 so I wouldn’t attribute the lower grade to the study technique. Otherwise, the flashcards definitely helped but the grade didn’t increase because 100 is perfect and I took that quiz after the quiz that I prepared for using quizlet. In my future studies I will definitely use the quizlet and the practice tests more because those really enabled me to practice and review the material with much more ease.

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