Good Life Performance Jordan Henley


In this Spark story, I will be showing you my trip to the Constans Theatre. I will go over the Spatial Experience, the Social Experience, the Cultural and Intellectual Experience, and the Emotional Experience.

The Spatial Experience

My experience at the Constans Theatre started as soon as I walked in and was amazed by the layout of the Theatre. It was huge but, when you sit up front, it still feels like an intimate experience. When the lights dimmed and the play started, a little bit of excitement went through my body cause plays always seem really interesting to me. The role of place in the Good Life is important because you need to put yourself in places and positions where you feel that intimate feeling of human connection like a play.

The Social Experience

There wasn't too much of a Social Experience for this Good Life play because both of my two close friends had already attended a Good Life play last semester. For this reason, I attended the play by myself and I didn't end up preparing too much for this play. However, I can tell having these kind of shared experiences with friends can greatly build and solidify a friendship.

The Cultural and Emotional Experience

The content of this play definitely connected to what was happening in culture today. The main issue of the play was a poor, young boy going to a seminary school with a rich kid who both have to deliver a damning letter to a famous star in the world of theatre. This play definitely connected with me in how it addressed poverty and how the better off might romanticized the struggle those who are impoverished have to go through.

The Emotional Experience

I believe that the Theatre gives the audience a very intimate and close setting where they can go over uncomfortable topics in a very visceral manner that really hits home. This can help the audience achieve Katharsis by showing us the lows of humanity, like the molestation backstory and the death of the protagonist's brother, and the highs, like out two protagonists finally achieving that close bond with each other. This was good because it help the audience see that life is going to throw a lot of problems and struggles at you but that doesn't have to stop you from having a good life.

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