Making contracting better together

Icertis and Microsoft partnership

Microsoft and Icertis have a long-standing 360-degree partnership right from its inception in 2009. Microsoft was the first customer and strategic partner of Icertis. Since then, Icertis and Microsoft have continued to strengthen their engagement by digitally transforming contracts from static documents into strategic business assets for leading companies all over the world. Working at the foundational technology, business strategy, and customer commercial levels, the joint goal is to drive innovation and help customers transform their businesses.

Transforming contract lifecycle management (CLM)

The AI-powered, analyst-validated Icertis Contract Intelligence (ICI) platform turns contracts from static documents into strategic advantage by structuring and connecting the critical contract information that defines how an organization runs. Today, more than 200 of the world's leading brands trust Icertis to meet their contractual obligations. Icertis manages 7.5 million+ contracts worth more than $1 trillion, in 40+ languages and 90+ countries.

Built on Microsoft Azure, ICI delivers an intelligent, enterprise contract management solution to help customers accelerate their business performance, manage risk and compliance issues across geographies and teams, and optimize their commercial relationships.

Seamless integration with Microsoft tools

ICI natively integrates with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft AI to empower users to create, view, manage, and collaborate on contracts in the tools and applications they use every day. This ensures they have better access to critical information, enabling better decisions right within the enterprise application environment of their choice without losing productivity by switching applications.

  • Create contracts with a single click without leaving Dynamics 365
  • Seamlessly manage contract authoring, workflow, milestones, and approvals
  • Translate contractual data such as products, pricing, and deal info into measurable insights
  • Eliminate errors and duplication by automatically populating key attributes
  • Avoid mismatches or delays with the ability to synchronize data between Dynamics 365 and ICI platform
  • Set up templates and draft and review agreements right within Word
  • Apply bulk updates and actions on agreements and associated documents using Excel
  • Seamlessly collaborate and route contracts across any device
  • Get alerts on contract actions and exceptions with Teams notifications
  • Leverage conservation agents to performance contract tasks
  • Use rich cards to inject contractual data into comments and notes
  • Guide users to perform tasks using BOT input menus

Trusted by the world’s top companies

Our customers are among some of the largest brands in the world, spanning diverse verticals such as Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Automotive, Media & Communication, Energy, Government and more.

“The Icertis platform’s ease of use and intelligent insights will help us optimize the value of our commercial relationships, increase contracting efficiencies, and help reduce contractual risk.”

- Matthew Lepore, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, BASF

“We chose the Icertis ICI platform and ICI Sourcing app because of their ease of use, ability to address every phase in the contracting and sourcing processes, and seamless integration with third-party systems that support the entire procurement life cycle.

- Dr. Stephan Stathel, Operations Lead for New Procurement System and Team Lead for the Build2Run Team at Daimler AG

“The ICI platform and ICI Sourcing application will allow us to digitally transform our commercial foundation in the supply chain, ensuring best-in-class supplier evaluation, selection, contracting and collaboration – all while reducing supply chain risk.”

- Klaus Richter, Chief Procurement Officer at Airbus.

Microsoft runs on ICI

Microsoft is driving simplicity and internal alignment on a massive scale by:

Digitizing 1,200,000+ contracts with ICI


Microsoft’s legacy contracting system was not meeting their needs, leaving them with no way to unify contracts across the organization and gain the insights needed to manage risk.


By choosing the ICI solution, Microsoft was able to simplify and digitize their contract-management process. The implementation was completed in under 7 months—a task that the legacy system was unable to accomplish in three years.


1,200,000+ contracts migrated in 7 months
Microsoft now can create new contracts at scale 100,000+ per year
Reduced contract-creation time by ~50%
Reduced contract issue resolution time by 25%

Microsoft enables Icertis products and workforce

Microsoft enables Icertis to:

Respond quickly to a global pandemic

When the COVID-19 situation began to unfold, Icertis began rapidly planning for their entire global workforce to transition to remote work. While the company had a robust business continuity plan in place, the entire workforce suddenly needing to work from home added a few complications that needed to be addressed:

Secure connections - Icertis was able to implement site-to-site and point-to-site VPN to secure remote access to resources and deliver a seamless end-user experience in less than one day.

Virtual computing - Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enabled high-bandwidth users to stay productive while home without connectivity or hardware limitations.

Seamless collaboration – The company fully transitioned to Microsoft Teams for all chats, meetings, calling, and collaboration. Icertis is reporting improvement in productivity, and most importantly, a seamless transition during challenging times.

Recognized as Microsoft Partner of the Year for three years in a row

Icertis and Microsoft are better together, and this is reflected in how our solutions work, how we go to market and how we jointly deliver value to customers.

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