Sarah Burrowes Teacher & learner

I am an experienced and enthusiastic teacher. I have the knowledge and understanding of a range of teaching, learning, assessment and behaviour management strategies needed to make a positive impact on the progress of all learners. I have a determined and positive attitude and want to inspire pupils to achieve their potential by helping them to develop a growth mindset. I am committed to on-going professional development and have proven to be an organised member of a collaborative teaching team. I believe in implementing an innovative collaborative approach in the classroom using the 6 C’s of deep learning. I believe that these competencies enhance best learning practice and causes authentic learning for all students.

I believe

in developing the 6 C’s for deeper learning (Michael Fullen) through my teaching

I believe

In developing children's Creativity: Asking the right inquiry questions to generate ideas to pursue those ideas and turn them into action.

I believe

in growing Communication Skills: Communicating ideas in a variety of ways and digital mediums.

I believe

In developing in children an understanding of their role in the world through Citizenship: Help children think of themselves as global citizens. How can they solve real world problems that impact the environment and others.

I believe

In growing in children Critical Thinking Skills: Critically evaluating information, thinking of different solutions for real world problems.

I believe

That learning should develop a child's Character: Learning that develops resilience, honesty, courage, compassion and respect.

I believe

In Collaboration for both teachers and students: The ability to relate well to others; the ability to relate and connect with others.

I am committed to ongoing Professional Development. I have started this year documenting my reflections on my professional learning blog. I use twitter (@BurrowesSarah) to connect and read others thoughts on best practice.

I am a firm believer in supporting children to reach their potential and have seen this evident through the teaching of a growth mindset.

I support the use of technology to enable our children to be connected learners. The ability to learn anywhere and at anytime.

Restorative Practice = A positive approach to behaviour management.

This is just some of my beliefs related to teaching and learning.

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