Projects by Emma First Semester - The Images Used In this Portfolio Are for educational use only

Best of Unit A. Cropped to show main focus of the picture.
Best of Unit B. Used selecting tools to change hue and saturation.
Best of Unit C. Added affects to layers; duplication, scaling, rotation, outer scale, drop shadows, and layer masks.
Best of Unit D. Added layer masks and changed the levels.
Best of Unit E. Added layers with text and a gradient.
Best of Unit F. Use black and white adjustment layers, merged copies, and pasted the two layers.
Best of Unit G. Pasted in a file and distorted it for best fit.
Best of Unit H. Added layers and cloned areas to leave only one duck. Used healing brush to clean areas.
Added multiple hue/saturation layers to whiten teeth, change eye color, add makeup, and the clone stamp tool to remove wrinkles.

The article discusses what type of character traits are important in a workplace. Employers are looking for someone with a good attitude. Employers will invest in you if you show you are teachable and want to learn a new skill. A can do attitude is more important to a business hiring than experience. Someone’s knowledge of the business is nothing unless they have the attitude to do the job right. The correct attitude of a candidate is someone who is respectful, prideful, committed, innovative, and helpful. These traits and characteristics are the most important pieces of being hired and keeping your job. I think that the most important trait discussed in the article is commitment. It is the vital characteristic, because it implies that you will do well in the other parts of the job as well. If you are committed to your workplace, you will already know to be respectful to others, want to excel, want to find ways to better the company, and help others. I would say that the characteristic that I am the best at is my innovation. I always want to find the best way a job can be done, and also to help others. If I can create an easier way for people to work but still perform at their best ability, then I’ve accomplished something. I think the trait I most need to work on is commitment. I will not always stay dedicated to the same ideas that a workplace has. If I feel that a workplace is doing something wrong or representing something I don’t like, I will not stay with that. business.

Adobe Bridge is a companion program to photoshop. It is a digital asset or media manager. It helps users find, manage, and organize images on your computer. It displays all files of the user and allows customizable organization. There are a series of panels all meant for organization on bridge, making it easy to navigate. It allows you to add often used files to favorites, and shows a history of files. You can rate your projects with stars, as well, by labeling them. They can also be organized by keywords, making them easy to search for. The best part of Bridge is the organization.

Used a background layer from Unit D. Changed the hue/saturation to make cooler colors and make the picture look eerie. Added three text boxes.
Used brush tools to make the background similar to the chalk board, and used the clone tool to copy the measuring cup. Added a few textboxes with a similar font.
The two top photos compare easiness to read; in this situation a large text is needed. In the bottom two pictures, in compares contrast; this means allow the text color to be different from the background color.
Final Poster that used multiple affects learned throughout the semester.
Changed the hue/saturation on various parts of my face to add makeup. Used the clone stamp and healing brush to smoothen skin. Used liquefy tool to enlarge skin. Used a text box for my name.
Used color and brightness filters. Use layers to add a postage stamp and smudge. Added a picture of me and transformed it to scale.
Added noise, changed levels, changed overlay, and changed hue saturation.

Links Used In Pictures: Bad Contrast- Good Contrast: Easy to Read: Hard to Read:

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