Florida Eleni 

All about Florida


Florida is hot and rainy because it is so close to the equator.


A drought can impact Florida , all the lakes would eighther dry up or get really low and you might need to limit your water supplie.


Thunder storms impact Florida by hitting something like an eletrical pole and it could case fires and problems with lights and wifi


This is floridas peninsula a peninsula is a land almost surrounded by water or projecting out of a Bobby of land

Florida beaches

Florida elevated over the years. Florida used to not de a peninsula. Floridas sea levels have gotten higher over the years.

Barrier island

Barrier island .A Barrier Island is the end of an island that protects use from sea hurricanes

Florida wet lands

This is floridas wet lands. Floridas wet lands can help us by purating and filtering the water that passes through them

Mining tonals

Florida has a considerable mining industry thanks to phosphate natural gas and petroleum resources


From the costal waters fishermen gather shrimp lodster grouper and clams to feed the pudli


Each year workers plant 125 million new seeds each year


Limestone is used to make tooth past, rock garden, and pant


Oil is a natural resource which is usful to us for various porpoises

Wind farm

wind miles help to get energy from the wind and it is a natural resource


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