CVQO Westminster Award 2018 South Africa trip blog - Day 5 Naomi Eyre, Derbyshire Police Cadets

The sharp shake of the tent and the trickle of spiders at 6am this morning was a memorable wake up for sure; the cold air was a shock to the system but the surroundings we found ourselves in was a beautiful sight at that time.

A zebra greeted us at our front door, the poor thing didn’t need to see all of us do our morning toiletry duties, but he stood there and smiled (what a crazy animal).

The morning troop cooked our wonderful breakfast: eggs, bacon, cereal and toast, and even cleaning up for us; how fantastic. Then a full day ahead…

Hold your stomachs, the first activity was skinning and dissecting a nyala bull; what an experience. Everyone got involved in some way from chopping the genitalia off to pulling a tendon to make the leg move.

We dissected the insides and even popped an eyeball, definitely not something you do every day. We even got to experience a bit of GCSE science when we were allowed to explore the heart and liver. Even though it turned some stomachs, it was an intriguing start to the day.

The walk after the dissection was windy but warm (a normal British summer day to us), I think the dung exploration was another interesting aspect. Who knew hyenas ate bones?

We started the conservation project as well today, taking down barbed wire fences. What a tricky task to be managed, rolling the wire was more complicated than removing it - it was like a prickly pine cone only much worse. As we tasked through it, we got more than expected done. As a team, we powered through showing our determination and teamwork skills.

Though England lost and football is now not coming home, we even watched the Croatia and France game. Once the game was finished, three of us had the opportunity to go out with the rangers and the rest will have to remain a secret as everyone else must experience the night walk from 7:30 to 11:30pm.

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