The Vikings and Anglo Saxons By joanne and kandeese



Shields were used to protect the Vikings in wars but Thor didn't want a shield because he had a humongous hammer.They used to have a wooden sword but they found metal and started to use metal.The shields are normally made out of bronze and gold.They were normally red and black.


Vikings ate things like beetroot and carrots

Ladies farm almost for a hour long . While they did that the boys kept learning at school.


They wear animal skin also none as leather to wear and they have immmensly sharp helmets.they hate killing animals but they need leather to live.


Their ships were called longboats and they went to battle on sea and to live . They were made out of wood,metal and leather.

Viking wars

Vikings used to ride into vicious battles they cut the Anglo Saxon heads.


How do Viking travel?



Answer - longboats


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