Ch. 10 Lesson 3 Spark Page By:Weston Lundell

1. The Great Depression was a terribly hard time for many Americans and the the president and the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt kept busy with helping the colony and people recover.

2. The president during the Great Depression was Theodore Roosevelt

3. A young girl wrote saying,"I am writing to you for some of your old soiled dresses, I have to stay out of school because I have no books or clothes to ware (wear)."

4. Not only young people suffered but old people as well

5. People could not afford food and medical care

6. Families broke apart as the jobless took to the road in search of work.

7. Desperation drove woman to start working

8. Many people thought that woman getting jobs was wrong because of how many men were unemployed at the time.

9. The new deal opened doors for woman in the public life.

10. Eleanor Roosevelt played a major role in her husbands presidency.

Migrant workers came from all over the world


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