Short stoty By: Ethan J.

Ethan.J 7th hour

It was a normal Saturday, and I was sleeping like someone in a grave. When I finally woke up from my “deep” sleep, I saw that I was looking down at mud, dirt and the occasional patch of grass. I was still tired, so I went back to sleep just thinking it was a dream or something.

Again, when I woke up the same thing. I got up off the ground to see I was outside. It looked like some kind of forest. I saw lots of ferns and other plants around me. When I looked around me, I saw lots of strange red bolts of light. Then I heard a huge “THUMP” behind me. I turned around to see a huge AT-AT. It looks like a rectangle with a head and long metal legs. Then I realized that this wasn't a dream. I was in the SWBF (Star Wars Battlefront) game! Then the AT-AT giant laser cannons were aimed right at me!

I don't know how, but I activated the jump pack by instinct. I went deeper into the forest with my jump pack. Then my earpiece activated and said, “You need to activate the uplink so our bomber can get a lock on it.” Then I knew for sure I was in my game. So I did as I was told and went to the uplink. I almost went down the mini-hill to do it, then I saw there was a bunch of stormtroopers guarding the unactivated uplink. Right there and then is what I found for my second starcard. Since Starcards are like mini power ups, I found a “thermal detonator” which is one the grenades in Battlefront. So I threw the thermal detonator at them, and I got all of them. I rushed to the uplink. I activated it, and one of the bombers tried to lock on. 30 seconds later, I got contact that one bomber officially got the location of the AT-AT.

I was looking around when I saw it. Right there in front of me was a hero pickup! Standing there with all its glory I rushed over to get it.

When I got to the pick up, I chose the hero Luke Skywalker. As soon as I became Luke, I rushed to the other uplink to activate it. I came across a small band of Stormtroopers. I force pushed them and they all went flying away from me. I then went into the control room were the uplink was. I quickly turned it on and it started to track the bomber to the AT-AT. When I went out of the control room I saw the emperor on the other side of the small stream of water, the water was like water running down your body in the shower.

What a hero pick up looks like.

I ran over to him, giving myself a “saber rush” for a little boost in the air. We came face to face and then the battle began. I first did a “ Heavy Strike”, which is a very powerful swing with your saber. That got his health down by some. I then did a force push and tha got his damage even lower. Then he used his lightning, but I blocked It with my saber then I did a “Saber Rush” which can be used for attacking and getting around more quickly. And that got his health down very low now he did his special ability of force lightning which is normal lightning but more powerful and he got a good hit on me. The lightning felt like a thousand little shocks but a lot more painful. I decided to keep going despite that pain. I did one more “Heavy Strike” and I had finally defeated him. He knelt now in defeat and I moved on.

Again my earpiece came on again this time saying that our bombers were coming to disable the AT-AT that way we could get some good hits on the AT-AT. I told some troops to use the blaster cannon and the FD P-tower to destroy the AT-AT. Then after awhile the bomber kept coming and the AT-AT was about to go down! One last hit with the tower and the AT-AT went down. We all cheered as the “Walker” tumbled to the ground. In the distance I saw our transport leave the planet safely.

After the battle I went back to my rebel self again. I went to the med bay to heal the wounds even though I wasn't Luke anymore. After I got it bandaged up I went to the briefing room for my next assignment. Suddenly I began to feel very dizzy I fell to the floor of the med bay The next thing I knew I was lying on my couch back in my room I don't know what happened that day but I knew that was all real.

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