ECOSYSTEMS By: Thomas Parker

Lion getting the water it needs.

Let's start out with the first question: How are living things connected?pg. 322 Theme Reader: The first reason is that they have interdependence.Interdependence is if a species that depends on another species for example, a bunny depends on wolves to make sure they don't overpopulate and wolves depend on bunnies for food. Interdependence Another reason they are connected is they are sort of alike, they all need water and food, most of them are prey and predators pg. 321 Theme reader.. A example of interdependence is that bees depend on flowers to get the nectar and the flowers depend on the bees to spread the nectar to make more flowers .

The second question is What happens if a part of an ecosystem changes or if one thing is removed from the food web? pg.342 Theme reader: Well, if one animal is removed then one species might starve or over populate, which could make the food web or chain unbalanced. For example, if the wolves ate all of the deer, the wolves and other animals that ate the deer wouldn't have very much food, and there would be too much plants because there would be no deer to eat the plants.

A wolf looking for its prey.
a image of a food web.

Here are is on big example of what things can go wrong in a food chain/web. A invasive species could make things get unbalanced. If you don't know what an invasive species is then i'll tell you, it is a species that moves somewhere it's not supposed to be. pg.342 Theme reader. for example, if a tiger somehow got to forests in North America than the deer would go bye-bye, there would be to much plants, the tigers would eventually get hungry if all the deer was gone, other animals like wolves would get hungry and the tigers would eat other species that they might not like, which the tigers would too and the wolves would start fighting the tigers and other animals like coyotes and cougars for food.


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