Unit of Inquiry Who we are central idea: the rituals around food connect and shape us. Line of Inquiry: cooking and preparing food to share. research skills: observing, collecting data, organising data

Egg and Vegetable Muffins.

  • Ingredients
  • eggs
  • carrots
  • courgette
  • red pepper
  • cheese
  • Cooking Skills: cutting, mixing, grating, observing changes between raw eggs and cooked eggs.


Alfred and Daan carefully peel and prepare the carrots.
Valentino, Kasper, James and Livia use their cutting skills to prepare the pepper
Baptiste cuts the courgette, developing his cutting skills.
Both Sophie and Leonie work on preparing the courgettes.
Josiah is introduced to the grater, grating the carrots is hard work. Josiah works carefully while gathering knowledge on grating.
As James grates the cheese he declares "I'm an expert cheese grater". He shares his knowledge with others as he helps his friend with some practical advice when grating.
Valentino works carefully as he cracks the first egg into the bowl.
Alfred is next to exercise the egg breaking skill
Then Sophie cracks the third egg. Sophie shares her knowledge "I already know how to open the egg" as she carefully uses her fingers to prize open the egg.
Leonie cracks in the fourth egg and is eager to see how it drops into the bowl.
Josiah starts mixing the eggs together.
The vegetables are added to the mixture.
Livia carefully spoons the egg muffin mixture into the muffin tin. Ms Manigas asks "What do you think will happen to the mixture when we put it into the oven" .
Kasper answers Ms. Manigas's question "it's going to pop out like a balloon.

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