Post Secondary Dropout Rates in Canada What is causing students to drop out? by Devon Collins

College students help determine why post secondary school dropout rates in Canada are so high.

Tyler Gougeon, a former college student at Georgian College, and Cali Gurr, who is in between work and school, sit down and explain what they think is causing an increase in dropout rates.

From the year 1999 to the year 2005 post secondary school dropout rates increased by 40%, according to Statistics Canada. Gougeon says that this is because students are not prepared enough for college in high school.

He said, "When I first started college, I had a really hard time finding a balance between work and school. The stress in trying to find time to do homework became so overwhelming that I stopped going to school".

Gougeon attended college for Electrical Engineering in September of 2014 and after a semester he decided to discontinue his studies.

He added, "The biggest reason behind my decision to dropout of college was a lack of passion and being overwhelmed by things that I didn't even have an interest in doing. I don't think that high school prepares you enough on how to handle these sorts of stresses". He believes that a lot of other students share this idea.

Gougeon says, "College is stressful. When you're already working a job and trying to balance assignments, it can be overwhelming. That's one of the reasons I decided to dropout".

Gurr, currently working full-time in between her studies, shares a similar opinion. She has taken two years off of school. She has just recently applied to college and has been accepted into all six programs.

She said, "When I applied to university, I wasn't one-hundred percent sure of what I wanted to go for. Taking the time off to make money and really think about what I wanted was essential for me".

This photo shows Cali Gurr, a high school graduate who is currently applying for post secondary education, in a FaceTime interview.

Gurr shares that post secondary education is very expensive and it takes time to save up for big expenses like these.

She continues, "Money was a big part of why I took time off. It has helped having a fill-time job, that I hope to keep when I return to school. I now have money to put towards my education and an idea of what I want to do".

Gurr says that high schools should provide more guidance on things such as money management and organization. She emphasizes the fact that education is a big commitment and that it is important to invest in a program that is right for you.

Gougeon and Gurr, two young adults dealing with situations that relate to many students across Canada, share very similar positions on the things that cause students to discontinue their education.

They agree that this problem will only increase with a lack of knowledge on everything that post secondary education entails.


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