Introduction to UX Design Megan Frauenhoffer's Learning Journal

UX is a new experience for me! I was curious about the class and had no prior knowledge, but I wanted to take a dive into the course because I thought I could learn something valuable. I actually liked the course and while I don't know if I'll continue learning or if this will be it, I'd like to say it was fun.

Week 1 notes

  • I liked that the class demo and the live class explored two different formats and different elements with each. I wished I had done a mobile app now!
  • Prototyping can apply to all design: magazine layouts, video production storyboards, web design, apps and even interactive powerpoints
  • Xd can create the visuals to help communicate to the client and developer what the end product will look like as well as its functionality
  • Learning UX was fun and I actually bought some of the Sugru because the video was very persuasive!

Assignment 1: Wireframe!

Here is my first assignment! I thought Xd was not so bad after taking the Desktop Publishing class. It felt more intuitive and easy to figure out. A lot of the wire framing reminded me how how I use to sketch up my designs for my website so it felt natural to connect all the art boards together and see how it interacted. Anyway, here is my video below!

I made my assignment follow a type of submission, but geared it towards a call for art submission type page. At times, I use these myself when submitting to shows and they can run the gamut of being overly complicated to really skeletal and ugly.

Week 2 notes

  • High fidelity prototype- still a prototype but with the bells and whistles of color and design
  • Iteration process can be an endless loop prototyping, sharing, feedback, and edits
  • Feedback can be both quantitative and qualitative- both are valuable

Assignment 2: High Fidelity Prototype

For my high fidelity prototype, I looked into the gallery I worked at to use the color scheme and logo. It has a nice spring time collegiate feel without it being too stuffy. Here was a mood board of sorts below.

Here is my second assignment! I think overall it's decent. Looking at the video now, I believe the footer bar is redundant unless there are different links other than home. I think the design is still functional and clean. I didn't know if there was a way to get check marks to appear after submitting the work, I wish I had that knowledge, but oh well.

Final thoughts

I thought this class was really fun and informative. I'm not sure yet how I will use the lessons. I hope that there will be more intermediate courses in the future. I feel like I barely scratched the surface and would love to learn more of its uses.


Created with images by Marten Bjork - "Teamwork"

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