Forest of Dreams: Dogs Eye View By Armen MERCIAN

Background Idea

This is an experimental film idea that I have never done before. I want to attach a GoPro camera to my puppies collar, and allow her to enjoy the beauty of the forest. With colour correction to match the POV of my dog, I want to create a film that is as real and as true to life as possible by literally allowing my puppy to do the directing and cinematography.


As much as we love our dogs, do we really know who they are. Some could argue yes, other could argue no. I'm set to find out. Through this journey we will find out the personality, loves and interest of my 5 month old GSD puppy Nyla as she roams and explores the beautiful forest trails of York Cemetery. Leaving the direction and cinematography to my dog will truly give us a raw look into he perspective of our most fond animal friend.

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