Walking Through 1974 abby zeitsiff

America During 1974

1974 was a very odd year for Americans. First of all we were in a war, the Vietnam War to be exact, and that did not please many Americans. Second of all, inflation was extremely high as a result of the worldwide oil embargo.

One of the most notorious serial killers in American history was Ted Bundy. Bundy began killing in 1974, killing 14 people in total (this year). He used his good looks and his charisma to lure young, attractive girls. He would brutally beat them, which then killed them. He goes down in history as one of the first serial killers to kill surrogates for someone close to him (his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Brooks).

Bundy's mugshot

The Watergate Scandal

The Watergate Scandal is known to be the biggest political scandals in history. Richard Nixon's advisories snuck into the Democratic office because they thought Nixon would lose the 1972 race, which was absurd. Nixon released tapes that were missing key information about the scandal. In '74, instead of getting impeached, Nixon became the first president to resign.

Nixon doing his famous "peace sign" as he is leaving the day he resigned

And now the reasons why I chose 1974...

The Ramones

Punk-rock/pop-punk is one of my favorite genres of music. It is completely different than other types of music, which is why I chose 1974. This genre became well known this year, when The Ramones formed. They revolutionized rock music by creating shorter songs with few chords, changing the way teenagers dressed, while also leading more "rebellious" teens to let loose and have fun.

The Celtics

Being my favorite NBA team, I was ecstatic when I found out that the Celtics won the championship this year. They crushed the Milwaukee Bucks 102-87. They won 11 championships before going on a four year hiatus from being the best. Fun fact, the Celtics have won the most championships out of any team in the NBA (16).

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