A Day in the Life of a High School Yearbook Editor Madelyn Guinn, Martinsville High School

At Indiana University's 71st annual High School Journalism Institute, students from various high schools come to Indiana to work on their publications projects. Most of the students come to get a head start on their work for the upcoming year. Yearbook editors come to HSJI to get examples for their book theme and put their ideas onto spreads. The students are also being assigned homework throughout the week like taking interviews and writing stories. At the end of the week, the editors print and show their advisers the ideas and homework they produced, and are awarded with who has the best portfolio.

Helping his HSJI students write their personality portfolios, Mr. Samuel Hanley, yearbook adviser at Southport High School, explains to them how to label their stories. Hanley has assigned his HSJI yearbook students to write a personality profile about another student so they would have more experience in writing. ”I want them to start by publishing a story so that they will become more comfortable with writing rather than designing their yearbook,” Hanley said.
Focusing on finishing her personal portfolio, junior Hollynd Givens of Southport High School writes about her fellow HSJI student. Givens is gaining more confidence as a yearbook editor while she writes her personality profile. “The personalty portfolio helps me with the structure of my writing and having more interesting story topics,” Givens said.
While trying to figure out how to create her profile for HSJI online, junior Ella Connell-Brewer of Richmond High School asks Mr. Samuel Hanley for help. Hanley has helped his students all week throughout HSJI both with their work and their ideas. “He has helped me a lot by giving me ideas and helping me learn more about HSJI,” said Connell-Brewer.
Getting a head start on next year’s yearbook, seniors of Hinsdale South High School, Tess Murray and Veronica Terrell, have trouble finding fonts that match their theme. Their theme is We Are Who We Are so they are looking for a design that really stands out. “It’s really hard to find a font because there’s over one hundred font options and you have to find one that compliments your theme,” Murray said.
Making a rough draft of her yearbook cover Alaina Marquez, a senior at Depue Unit School in Chicago, gets inspiration from her home town. Marquez is from the Village of Depue, with a population of around only 1,000 people. They have only one school which provides classes all the way from Pre-K to 12th grade. “We chose Connected as our theme because we come from a small village and everyone knows each other,” said Marquez.
After being assigned her personality profile, sophomore Zakyra Fox-Holland of Richmond High School gets to work on writing about her colleague's personal life. Being at HSJI has inspired Fox-Holland to get a concept for the people section of her yearbook. “Being given this opportunity has helped me to get an idea in my head for this yearbook,” Fox-Holland said.

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