Differences in Processing Film and Digital Photography By will butts

Taking photos with a film camera and with a digital camera are fairly similar. You must take into account the light, shutter speed, aperture and subject matter and.... click! You have a photo! Now how does that piece of film or digital image get into a frame on your wall? Well the two processes are very different and they depend entirely on the type of camera you use. If you use a digital camera then all of the steps on the process can be done on a computer. If you use a film camera then all of the work will be hands on in a very literal way.

Three of these were taken digitally and only one was taken with film. Can you guess which one?

The Digital Process

The digital process will include a digital camera, a computer and a photo editing software like Photoshop or Photoshop Lightroom. Because a Mac is the easiest computer to work with for this process I will explain it using a Mac. After you have finished taking your pictures, you will remove the memory card from the camera. You will then insert the memory card into the slot on the side of the computer and open Finder. Under devices on the left hand side of the the screen. Drag the wanted photos into a separate file in Documents. Then open up your photo editing software and edit the desired photos. Here is a video that shows this. Once editing is finished then save the file and print it. Now you have a photo to hang on the wall!

The Film Process

Processing film is very different than the digital process. The video above will describe developing the film. After developing the film you will then be working in the dark room for a majority of the processing. Take your paper and finished film into the dark room and to your image projector. Place your film in the projector and turn on the light. You may need to adjust the focus and the size of the projection depending on how big you want the finished print to be. After that place the paper under the projector and turn on the light for the proper amount of time. once this is finished you will place the paper in the developer and then follow that with the stop bath and then the water bath. Once the print is done in the water bath then it will be put in the dryer. You now have a finished print ready for framing!

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