• In the technology workshop there is 1 sink and 1 tap. Students leave the tap running to wash their hands after using glue or paint, but there is no soap.
  • In the changing room there are 8 sinks with 2 taps each and 3 toilets.Students leave the water running to wash their hands, but there is no soap. We can not use the showers although we would like to take a shower after P.E. The tap is rusty but toilets and flushes work well.
  • In the playground there is 1 fountain and 3 taps. Some students play with water and splash water on each other. Students leave the water running to drink water. 1 tap does not work. Taps turn off automatically, so water is a bit wasted. You can not turn two taps on at the sometimes because you can get wet from the other tap.
  • In the bathroom there is a long sink ,2 taps and 3 toilets. Students wash their hands, but there is no soap. Some students also drink water. Sometimes the flushes don't work well. Students don't leave the tap running.
  • In the science lab there are 3 sinks and 1 tap each. Students wash their hands after an experiment and they wash the materials. There is soap. Some students leave the water running.


Created with images by Dan Watson - "Bathroom sink"

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