Know the Appeal

Appeal: to make the subject more interesting and grab the reader attentions.For example: later on their gonna be free candy

Ethos: trustworthy of the speaker. For example, when you are injured you trust the doctor to help you.

Pathos:to have emotion

Logo:appeal to logic (evidence). For example,

Sarcasm:hurt or offend or can be used for comic affect.

Scare tactic: create fear around the audience. For example, if you walk alone in the dark their is gonna be ghost following you.

Anaphora: to repeat word. For example, I like the color purple, I like to eat pizza.

Patriotism:to have love.

Rhetorical:pursave someone to do/ buy something.

Persuasion: tell the audience to trust you into buy your product. For example, Selena Gomez use this make up product, maybe you should use it too.

Rhectorical Question: a question that does not have to be answer. For example, why would you do this?

Connotative: one word but different meaning. For example, she my baby(a actually baby), she my baby( gf)

Denotative: the meaning exact word. For example, she my baby

Loaded lauange: to fill the audience. For example, the cream product help smooth your skin.

Explicted lauange:stately clear. For example, I like cheesy pizza

Implict lauange: Implied though not plainly

Allusion:for example, those couple are like Romeo and Juliet.

Tone, for example, the tone for Romeo and Juliet is sad

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