Europe My Journey across europe

This is a view of Budapest Palace, a historical monument that will take your breath away.

This is a city view of Budapest comprised of many buildings with a few monuments sprinkled in. Isn't it gorgeous!!!!!

This is a natural view of Slovakia. Slovakia is compromised of many mountains and hills. This is a dawn picture, or amazingness.

This is a church in Slovakia nestled in the hills. It has been around since 980 A.C. It's amazing with it's finely crafted murals, and arts.

This is a memorial to the Jewish in Berlin, Germany. The bridge is a intake in the lake where the huge memorial is located.

This is a humongous cathedral and has intricate designs of great beauty. This place is rumored to be haunted, so they actually have a myth that not to go in there in Halloween because that is when ghosts come.

This is a statue in France near a famous church. The statue is dedicated to Moniseur Le Darius the builder of the church

This is one of France's paths. This picture was taken near winter, and close to the Allagru River.

We all know the Eiffel Tower. Built in the 1900's it's one of the most well known creations around the world. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was named after Gustav Eiffel the artichet of this building.

This is the Big Bed, a artitctechual masterpiece. This clock was build in the 1800s and has the same fame as the Eiffel Tower.

London is very famous for their Telephone boxes. In the 1800s they used these boxes to call. Now in the modern times we have found different uses like a coffee shop for tourists is very famous and located in a Telephone box.

This is in Denmark where the building roof is made of planters where the owners must grow plants. I chose this picture because this could benefit the future, and use less space.

This is a garden in Denmark. Denmark is famous for it's gorgeous views, and its beautiful natural abundance. Many tourists flock there in the spring for all the plants.

This is in Russia, Moscow. This is a example of Russia's amazing carvings in the 19th century.

This is a antique horse drawn carriage drawing fame. Russia's 30% tourism, and this carriage is drawing fame.

This is the ocean view of Belarus. The city skyline is visible, and it's a gorgeous view.

This is a statue of Mark Chillagey, a famous patriot and artist. This is honoring his life.

This is a statue that one of the most famous artists made in Ukraine. This is a carving depicting loss and with loss comes fortune.

This is one of Ukraine's oldest buildings. It is a famous church now one of the many more tourist attractions.

I hope this gets me extra credit.

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