Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone By j.k rowling

For the quarter one book project i chose the book Dead city by James Ponti. For this quarter I chose to do Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, but it had to be somehow connected to my quarter one book. These two book projects are very similar in some ways, but in others not so much. Both of these books have something in common, me. Both of these books I have read many many times. They are also in the category of fiction. As one is about a zombie fighting teenager the other is about an orphan boy who has been surprised with the news of being a wizard. Both of these books are so dazzling and intriguing with plot twists from one book having zombies to the other with a three headed dog who goes by the name of Fluffy. Both are inconceivable and I love them, I would completely recommend these books but mostly Harry Potter.

The main characters for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone are Harry Potter; a remarkable 11 year old boy who has a lightning shaped scar with his fathers looks, but with his mother’s eyes. Hermione jean Granger( my favorite) a smart intellectual young lady who is in the top of her class, she is a muggle born witch. Ron Weasly is Harry Potters best friend. He is only 1 of 7 of the weasly children. Ron is a very tall red haired boy who is always in the shadow of his older brothers. There are three main characters but many sub characters. In this book there are many plot twists. In the beginning Harry did not know he was a wizard but after receiving many letters from hogggwarts. Vernon dursley did not want Harry to figure out he was a wizards so he did not let Harry read the letters he received. After that hagrid(the hogwarts groundskeeper) gave Harry his letter. After that he goes to hogwwarts. When he arrives he gets sorted into his house. A house is basically a team there is gryfindor, ravenclaw, hufffleppupff, and slitherin. Harry, Hermione, and Ron all got selected to be in gryfindor. At first they weren't friends until hallloween when the two boys saved hermione from a troll. After that they discovered about the sorcerers stone they relized that someone is trying to steal the stone at first they believed the potions professor was behind it but when they went into the forbidden corridor they were confronted by the defense against the dark arts teacher professor quirell professor. Harry fought against him bravely exspecialy when quirrell turned into Harry's arch nemesis Voldemort. Fortunately for Harry he beat the dark lord. The book may not seem like much but it's has the most outstanding details. A intriguing book for everyone to enjoy.

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