How to Survive 5th Grade in Mrs.Kolff's Class Damian rowe

DONT SAY BUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mrs.kolff DOSENT like that! And if you DARE, YOU WILL BE SENT BACK TO THE END! Plus we're going to the same place!

Stay in a straight line to get paws. Mrs.Kollf is very compeitive! Keep that in mind. Also Mrs.kollf likes to go outside and take a break just as much as you!

She dosent like to here drama! KEEP that OUT of SCHOOL! Also no kissing! That may have happened once!

No BAD WORDS! If your cought it's an automatic blue slip! The best you can do it take the responsibilites for less trouble. So overal dont do it!

Dont use Ipads/cromebooks during times you can't! Don't try to sneak to because she can check your history! DONT try to clear your history! She can look at cleared history which student can't get on.

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