The Importance of the 2020 Election BY: Graeme Jagger

Graeme Jagger | October 8th, 2020

Many say that the upcoming presidential election is the most important election in the history of the United States. However, how true is that statement, and to what extent? As with every presidential election, there are certainly issues that are at stake for one side or the other, and people will try their best to put the person who supports their views in office. But from matters of importance, what is truly at stake in this election? Some say that the COVID-19 pandemic may have a greater impact than it already has if one side wins. Others say it is time to open the U.S. back up. As well as the issue of race, do we defund police precincts all over the country to create a safer world for minority groups? “A statement from Mr Biden's communications team on 8 June said he supported the need for reform, focusing on funding educational programmes as well as mental health and drug abuse treatment projects, to allow police officers to focus on the job of policing.”(BBC On Joe Biden's Police Reform) Do we take away people's ability to practice their first amendment right to freedom of speech by shutting down large scale protests damaging private property in American cities? These issues are what's at stake, but are they the most important in American history? Well, let's think about it.

To truly look at the importance of an election is frugal; an election's importance is only as important as the circumstances surrounding it. Times change once an issue is solved another issue just as important can arise. For example, sixty years ago, civil rights was an issue that could greatly affect who would win the presidency and decide if all citizens should become equal under United States law. This is a huge and important part of history, but some would say that’s important but it doesn’t outweigh the freeing of slaves in eighteen sixties. The truth is both of these events are equally important and social change is a constantly evolving issue that can never be truly resolved. Therefore the “importance” of an election can never be truly measured because there are so many different possible outcomes from one presidential win.

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Graeme Jagger