Cold War in the Skies By: Tristan Johnson & JEssica lee

The American military relied on the air force to carry hydrogen bombs to their targets. The Soviets could not defend themselves against us so they focused on long-range rockets. Americans still wanted more strength, so they worked on developing ICMB's. (intercontinental ballistic missiles) Because of our dependence on the air force, we fell behind. The Soviets were working on missile development. One of the first rockets that the Soviets launched was the Sputnik, and it was the first artificial satellite to orbit earth. This scared Americans. The Sputnik was dropped and brought a hydrogen bomb to American shores. The Soviets proved their advances again in May 1960 by shooting an American spy plane over Soviet territory with a guided missile. Eisenhower created a legacy of the cold war called a "permanent armaments industry of vast proportions." Eisenhower employed millions of Americans and had financial stake in war making. This was a threat to making peace with the Soviets.

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