Why I should be a googler The Stephen Dooley Story

D - Doer

Being idle is not in my being. I constantly seek new challenges and projects, and have recently been working on:

  • Upskilling my tech skills through web design and beta testing... (How am I doing? Fantastic? Alrighty then!)
  • Founding and operating a student run design thinking, dynamic think tank to solve real world business prob-ops. (I also coined that phrase, 'prob-ops', like a problem can be seen as an opportunity with the right lenses on, kind of thing). The goal is to develop the knowledge and interpersonal skills of all of our 'Light bulbs'. Communicating and collaborating with big groups of people is different locations has been successful thanks to Google's products , especially Google Docs and Drive. (So, thank you)

O - Openly original opportunist

I have always wanted to help build housing in Africa, to challenge myself in a new environment while creating value for others. I haven't had the means of raising the funds , until now. With my recent up take in web design I have started to 'sell' these skills to SMEs and Start-ups. I plan to fund the trip of a lifetime by accepting donations for these productions.

O - Out there

I try to be unconventional in my approach to life. I love pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone and making personal connections.

I spent my last year in San Diego on a study abroad program and loved every single second. The entire year was about putting myself in situations I normally wouldn't: I played guitar on stage in front of a packed house, joined a Fraternity, studied finance, spent Christmas day on a beach tossing the ole pigskin and even captained the rugby team!

L - Learning Leader

Continuous self development is my ethos. I am fascinated at how much knowledge you can acquire if you just look. I successfully began completion my Qualified Financial Adviser exams while working in Asset Sales Finance this past summer, netted a 3.09 cumulative GPA at USD and am driven to achieve a 1st Class BCom(Hons) degree! Through my establishing of the 'Bright Minds' think tank in UCC, I investigated creative thinking development, body language and psychology.

For me, being a Leader is another way of saying you perform well with a team. I strive to help those around me reach their best and I get enjoyment in seeing us succeed. I've always tried to learn from the best in everything I do, from YouTubing Muhammad Ali when I started Boxing in September to watching how Google run Jigsaw and applying similar approaches of thought to our think tank.

E - Excited about Educating

If it isn't already evident I embrace the opportunity to develop my mind at any cost.. (Actually it has a cost, €18,625.95.. I've funded half of my college education to try lighten the load at home). This helps me to stay focused giving myself as many 'poker chips' as possible when I enter the big bad world! Your ability is what you make it and I really, really believe I can continue my development, while developing other Googlers around me.

Y- You

I don't want this experience to be all take, I've got plenty of ideas I want to make a reality and I would love to do this on Google's behalf. I can see how the world is changing now more than any era before use through the rapid applications of new technology. Artificial intelligence, autonomous cars, Blockchain , Google's harvesting of Big Data and robots potentially capable of working on mars!

Google products have been making our lives easy and smooth, for example should I be progressed to interviews I will use: My gmail to communicate my attendance, Maps to find my way there, YouTube to look up how not to blow an interview, Drive to save my notes so they are always accessible, Calendar to make sure I show up on time and Google+ to tell all my friends about the wonderful opportunity!

I want to do everything in my power to continue the innovative obsession in Google that is driving this planet and I promise to do no evil in line with Google's moral guidelines.

Give me a chance to bring questions and build answers, I promise we won't regret it.


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