After Alice felt in a low room with a lot of doors around it, she saw a little gold key that opened a little door which was behind a curtain. So she looked inside...There was a tunnel that led to a lovely garden, but it was too small for Alice. She looked on a table, and saw a bottle that it said:"DRINK ME". Alice drank it and became really small. So she decided to go into the garden but she forgot the key on the table and now she was too small to reach it...
Soon, Alice saw a glass box under the table. Inside it, there was a cake with the words "EAT ME" on it. She ate a little bit and she became really tall. So she took the key and she went to the garden.
In the Disney’s film version of “Alice in Wonderland”, Alice has her first encounter with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse during a Mad Tea Party. The three characters are celebrating an “Unbirthday”. We can find references of this strange event for the first time in the Lewis Carrol’s novel “Through the Looking-Glass”, where Humpty Dumpty tells alice about his tie, which is one of the various Unbirthday presents he received. The Unbirthday is celebrated 364 days a year.
As soon as Alice enters the royal garden she meets 3 gardeners in the shape of playing cards: they were painting the white roses red. The gardeners then explain to the girl that they planted the white roses insted of the red roses by mistake.
Just then the Queen arrives sourrounded by an entourage of living cards asking for Alice’s name. Alice answers, realizing that she should not be afraid of the crowd since they were only a pack of cards, then the queen asks why the three gardeners were trembling. Upon discovering what the three made, the Queen orders their decapitation!
Alice finds difficult playing the strange queen’s croquet game, infact the croquet ground is ridged, the balls are living hedgehogs and the mallets are live flamingos, and as she plays, the queen shouts for everyone’s decapitation.
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