Mysteries Of Death Valley By:Danny balz

“Wake Up” Mike’s Mom shouted.

"Urggg, five more minutes mom!" Sam said.

“Good morning Sam” Mike said.

“What a new and beautiful day!” Mike said.

“Be quiet!” Sam replied.

“Good morning kids” mom said.

“Your father and I have some important news to tell both of you” Mom said.

“What?” Mike and Sam asked.

“We are going to Africa for spring break!” They told the boys.

“Awesome!” Mike shouted.

Mike and his brother Sam, go every spring break to a new place every time and explore it all. He lives with his brother Sam and his parents John and Julie. They all love an adventure but not like Mike. But their was a downside to the whole plan, they didn't exactly have enough money. But Sam knew how important this trip meant to Mike. Sam took a deep thought, its worth giving up my money for a new puppy to help make my brother happy.

“Mike, I'll chip in money so we can go on our trip.” Sam said

“But you have been saving up for a new puppy! Mike replied

“I know but this trip means a whole lot to you,” he said.

Now that they have enough money for the trip to Africa they will start their journey. When they got to Africa Mike and Sam were amazed on how wonderful Africa is. As they got to Africa the first thing Mike wanted to do was go in a forest. Mikes parents found a forest near by and they drove there.

The Forest was called Death Valley, they decided to only stay on the trail so they don't get lost or die. The forest was as humid as a hot sauna. The trees over lap around you so only a little sunlight passes down. It is filled with exotic animals soon to be discovered, and you better watch your step every where you walk or you might be itching for all eternity. You can smell the thunderstorm coming and can taste the thick fog in your mouth.

While they were walking in the forest, Mike and Sam heard a noise that was off the trail. Even though their parents agreed not to leave the trail, they decided to sneak past their parents and see what it was. They were walking off trail and they went towards the noise but when they looked back they didn't see their parents nor did they know where they were. They noticed a light in the distance and thought that it can mean help.

They walked towards the light and saw that it was a light in an old hut. They knocked on the door and an old man appeared, he let the boys in and the old man asked

“What are you doing deep in this forest?”

“We got separated from our parents!” Mike replied.

“And we need help to get back” Sam said.

“I can help you. I have been living in this forest for over twenty years” The old man said.

The Old Man had a heat sensor to catch food around the whole forest. The boys wanted to know if they could use it to sense their parents. The Old Man thought that was a good idea and looked in the sensor machine. They saw two heat movements which is probably their parents but there was a third movement behind the parents. The boys knew that they were in trouble and they needed to find them fast or their toast.

The Old Man took the boys out in the forest and they started to follow the sensors. The boys started to notice big footprints behind normal human foot prints, the Old Man observed and knew that whatever it is it is huge!

“It looks like a dinosaur footprint, it's so big!” Mike said.

They started to get really worried about their parents, and they needed to act fast. They heard something like a scream and a growl, they started sprinting towards the direction they heard the screams. They saw their parents, but a lion was trapping them.

“Oh My God! That is a African Lion I have never seen one of these in my time living here, they are the most deadly creature in the forest!” The Old Man said.

“How do we distract it?” Mike asked.

Mike remembered when Samand him were little kids they would annoy their parents by running around and screaming. Mike thought maybe we can distract the lion by going opposite sides and start yelling and screaming and the Old Man can shoot him.

Mike and Sam agreed on that and they when they did it the African lion started to get aggravated but the Old Man needed to have a for sure clear shot. They yelled even louder and started running around, the lion lost interest in the parents and walked toward Mike.

“NOW” Mike yelled

BANG! The Old Man hit it right in the side and the lion dropped.


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