Poetry Collection By paige Kueper


Ode to music that defines my mood. The pop, the rock, the old the new. The country the rap, the happy and sad. I always know can rely on the lyrics of a song whenever I am feeling any sort of way. It is an escape from reality, or it can bring reality to you. It brings people together, to dance and to sing. It may remind you of someone, or help you forget about someone. But whatever it is, whatever feeling you have, you can always rely on music to relate to that feeling.

Where I'm from

I am from craziness, from Fourth of July parties to divorced parents. I am from the dirt in the backyard that tasted like worms and salt. I am from the window well filled with frogs and chalk on the sidewalk. I'm from the best friends and the come and plays, to the come inside, it's time for bed. I'm from everything will get better for your siblings and your mom. I'm from the PlayStation play place, and cookie dough from the coffee shop. From the bike that took me forever to ride, to the knives in the kitchen, and the blanket I never let out of my sight.


Summer- Summer is the time, To be with friends and have fun, Get tan, swim, and smile

Nature- Pretty skies, green grass, Smells of spring are in the air, Wind is blowing through my hair

Surprise- Grandma and grandpa, Turning seventy years old, Surprise at our house

One Brief Moment- It was a second, A second too long, The damage was done

Ode to Favorite Fictional Character- Clothes over bros inventor, Brooke Davis Sophia Bush, Tree Hill's drama queen

Annoyance- Nothing annoys me, Like hypocrites do because, They are guilty too

Freestyle- I want to be out, I want it to be summer, It is what I need

Who I Am

I believe I am a strong person, others may see me as weak. I believe I am a free spirit, others may think that I am annoying. I believe I am caring, others may think that I am mean. Although others may not always see me the way I see myself, what people say won't bring me down. Not everyone will always see what you see. Everyone has they're own opinion and point of view. Don't let what others say bring you down. Be who you are, live your life. I am who I am, I live my life. Never let a moment go to waste. I try my best, even though some people may say that I can do better. I like to have fun, and people may think I am just crazy. This is who I am.


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