East Rotoiti | Rotomā Sewerage Scheme November 2018 Update

Public meeting called

Rotoiti and Rotomā residents and ratepayers are invited to a public community meeting about progress on a sewerage scheme for both lake communities.

The hui is set down for:

  • Saturday (01 December, 2018) at 3pm
  • The venue is the Rotomā Community Hall

The meeting, requested by the Rotomā Residents Association and the Rotorua Lakes Community Board, will cover:

  • Progress on construction of the scheme
  • Progress on installing an on-site Septic Tank Effluent Pre-treatment system as well as issues and questions
  • Estimated timeframe to connect Rotomā to the new Wastewater Treatment Plant in Rotoiti; and
  • Possible timeframe when residents and ratepayers, who are connected to the new scheme, are likely to pay for the targeted levy

Another public hui, updating the community on progress to connect ratepayers and residents in Rotoiti to the scheme, will be held in the new year.

The information below will be canvassed by December’s public meeting.

Caption: Horizontal directional drill working along State Highway 30 near Tamatea Street


Progress on the sewerage scheme which will serve residents in Rotomā and Rotoiti is advancing.

Contractors have about seven kilometres left of reticulation line to lay for the new sewerage scheme for Rotoiti and Rotomā.

So far they’ve laid 15 of the 22 kilometre network which runs from Matahī Spit to the new Wastewater Treatment Plant behind the Rotoiti Emery Store.

Rotorua Lakes Council’s Infrastructure general manager, Stavros Michael, says contractors are now in Rotoiti and have passed Tamatea Street.

“Our contractors are making good progress laying the reticulation network partly thanks to the use of a horizontal directional drill which pushes metal rods underground. While, at the other end of the piping, we hook on a part of the reticulation pipe and the rod returns back to the machine. What this means is that we cause less damage to the surface of the land,” says Mr Michael.

Installing STEP

Close to 130 Rotomā properties have signed up, giving their consent, to have the Septic Tank Effluent Pre-treatment (STEP) system installed on their properties. Forty of those properties so far have had their systems installed. Council is encouraging any resident in Rotomā properties which still have their consent forms, asking for permission to install the STEP system, to contact Council on 07 348 4199 if residents have any questions or concerns.

STEP system being installed at a Rotomā property


Council is mindful of concerns about the cost to property owners to have the system installed. Stavros Michael says Council is working hard with all its partners, the Rotorua Lakes Community Board and members of the Rotoiti | Rotomā Sewerage Steering Committee and the Iwi Liaison Group to find solutions that will help deliver the scheme as close to the estimated costs as possible.

“We are working together to address cost. We cannot guarantee how much affected ratepayers would have to pay because not all of the infrastructure has been built yet and it would be irresponsible for Council to make a concrete decision on a price given there may be unknown issues that crop up in construction. However at this stage, we are doing our best, with support from all of our partners, to work on ways to minimise the impact of costs," says Mr Michael.

Council's initial benchmark estimate for each ratepayer in the scheme will see them contribute just over $14,000 with two options available to pay to connect. Council strives to do all it can to bring the final costs as close to that estimate as possible bearing in mind construction conditions and material costs since reaching the estimated cost. For more details about cost estimates click on this LINK.

Rotoiti developments

Progress on construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is advancing well. Significant progress has been made including:

• Work on the permanent access road from State Highway 30 to the new plant has started

• Construction of the effluent inlet pumping station chamber has been completed along with the emergency storage tank; and

• The bioreactor, a device that biologically processes effluent and removes organic material, nitrogen and phosphorus from the water, is almost completed

Installing the Wastewater Treatment Plant's inlet works overflow chamber

Rotoiti connection to the plant

Council is now in the process of designing the main reticulation system for properties from Manawahē Road to Curtis Road.

Council aims to start installing the reticulation line for Rotoiti in the first half of next year.

A decision on which pre-treatment system for Rotoiti will be adopted after tenders are received and Council has consulted with the Steering Group and the Iwi Liaison Group. If the decision for the materials affects the costs to ratepayers, Council will consult with the community again before making a final decision.

Other news

Council has applied for consent from Heritage New Zealand to carry out work to install the reticulation line in Rotoiti, particularly at Komuhumuhu (Gisborne Point), which is of archeological significance.

Council is now currently looking at design options to service the settlement at Ngamotu peninsula. It will also be seeking consent from homeowners and residents at Komuhumuhu in future, to install a pre-treatment system on their respective properties.

A full update on progress of the East Rotoiti | Rotomā Sewerage Scheme will be presented at a public meeting in Rotomā on the 1st of December, 2018.

Council encourages residents and homeowners in these communities to attend the hui. If you would like to learn more about the sewerage scheme please visit: www.rotorualakescouncil.nz/rotoitirotoma.

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