The Cherokee by: Kaylee Longueira

The Cherokee Civilization

The Cherokee Civilization

  • means "those who live in the mountains"
  • Settled in southern part of the U.S.
  • large Native American tribe
  • Had many towns
  • respected all tribes
  • valued culture, land, religion, and beliefs
  • one of 5 civilized tribe
  • 2 Cherokee groups today
The Cherokee Culture

The Cherokee Culture

  • read and write
  • created language
  • made weapons
  • american log cabin housing
  • hunters and gatherers
  • ate or wore what they hunted
  • started raising tamed animals
  • wore clothes made of deer
  • everyone had a job
The Cherokee Government

The Cherokee Government

  • sided with the confederacy
  • democratic
  • constitution approved
  • 1999 wanted new constitution
  • 2003 accepted
  • enacted 2006
  • government branches
The Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears

  • refered to as "Nunna daul Isyunyi"
  • Andrew Jackson signed Removal Act
  • led to relocation
  • avoided relocation by hiding in mountains
  • 16,000 members had to walk the distance
  • took 6 months
  • 4000 cherokee died


Created with images by Becky F - "Texture-Free To Use #106" • Robert Lz - "Old Farm Museum & Mingus Mill" • watts_photos - "Colonial Williamsburg Virginia American Indian Cherokee camp" • - "Lanka Government Office Files" • Frank Boston - "Unreal Sky"

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