The Story Of Sunnydale By: Rohan and karina

This story begins in a place called Sunnydale, or what was once known as Sunnydale. My name is Griffin, a reporter who works for News inc., and i'm here to tell you the story on why Sunnydale is no longer Sunny. What’s happened to all their resources, to the place that had crystal blue waters and emerald green lands.

Sunnydale before the pollution

I walked into town, where there were sure to be people, but when I arrived, Sunnydale had nothing but dry yellow grass and dark polluted water. I didn't understand, I continued to walk into town, seeing people scurrying about, trying to get places, not seeing their environment around them. I saw garbage and waste all over the streets. I wondered what happened; why this place looked like a dump.

What Sunnydale looks like now

While walking in the town, I decided to interview some of the townspeople. I wanted to find out what really happened to Sunnydale. The first person I found told me to back off and leave him alone, the next, ran off in a hurry. Everyone would avoid me. My only thought, why? I thought my day was finally over, and was about to head home, but I decided to ask one more person, this time an elder, who would know more about the town.

Griffin trying to interview townspeople

I finally found somebody sitting on their porch, a man they call 'old man Jenkins'. Old man Jenkins has apparently seen Sunnydale longer than anyone else, so I decided to pay him a visit. I walked up onto the porch and said, ”Hello sir, may I ask you a few questions about this town. I’m a reporter from News inc., and I’m here to find out what happened to Sunnydale and write about how we can make better.” “Have a seat” the man said. “I’ll answer your questions.” “Thank you so much!" I said, "no one would even talk to me, until now”

Old Man Jenkins

“What's your first question?” old man Jenkins said. I pulled out my notepad and scribbled down some notes before asking him “what’s the story, why is this place no longer sunny?” He then said “I guess you could call it Gloomydale now, well, because of what happened. Sunnydale was an amazing place to live. Everyone was happy, always greeting each other, having community get togethers, but that all changed. Overtime, people grew apart, disconnected with their friends. People just got caught up with work and doing there own thing. Not to mention how careless people got and overused all of our natural resources. This place use to have everything, that’s why this town was built here. People generally live near water and flat land for farming, where they know they can be safe and have everything they will need. That’s a fact. Sunnydale was the perfect area for living. As time passed, people got so careless, and instead of throwing stuff in the garbage, they just threw it wherever they wanted. On top of that, more people would start to move here, forcing the city to build more houses, meaning more pollution and more population.

Sunnydale's community before and after

That being said, I do believe we can be better, we can change our ways and make this place great again.” Wow I thought, this man really knew what he was talking about. It was such a great idea to interview him. I then replied "It's great how you have such a positive attitude Mr. Jenkins. I still want to ask you a few more questions." I asked, "In your opinion, name a couple factors on how humans affect the environment.” “Well that’s easy." He said. We don’t realize how good we have it till it’s gone. We take advantage of everything. We need to wake up and realize our resources aren’t unlimited.


Take Fort McMurray for example, they had a huge fire. It affected so many people, their homes were destroyed, they had no food. I've watched the news, they say it was most likely human caused. This shows us how careless we can get and how big of an impact it has on us and the environment. That’s why we should start taking action now, so Sunnydale doesn't slip too far that we can't save it. Think about how many cars are being used everyday, or how much garbage is being stored in dumps. How about when we transfer produce and stock over water, creating a higher chance of oil spills, which have happened. Not to mention the overall pollution in the water. Don’t even get me started on global warming. If started small, changing our ways, our biggest problems can be solved.” His response was so long, I had a hard time writing it down. Where did this man get all this knowledge? I thought to myself. “That’s great. You have a lot of great opinions that needs to be shared.

Fort McMurray fires

Next question” I said. “What are some ways you think the community can make Gloomydale turn back to Sunnydale once again?” Old man Jenkins replied, “I think we can start to have more community gatherings, talk to people, tell them this is not ok. When that happens, we can start to take action, like that place, uh, Italy, that’s it. They made cars drive on different days according to their licence plates. If you have an even numbered plate you drive on certain days and if you have an odd numbered plate you drive on certain days. It’s things like this that will add up." This is amazing, I thought to myself, Italy, I need to remember to search that up. It's really cool how they just took action. I shook my head. I needed to pay attention while Mr. Jenkins was talking." You see, if we have enough people, they will start to clean up and maybe put more garbage cans around the city, this place would start looking less like a dump. We should also put a fine for littering, a lot of other places are doing this too. We can also make compostable packaging. It may be costly, but what’s the price on saving our city? We can also put more city busses on the road, taking cars off and promoting riding the bus. While cleaning up the city, we will be helping our water sources and Sunnydale’s watershed. We would be cleaning up our garbage which would be helping our runoffs that lead to the lake. As I said before, all the little things help.

The community coming together

Ah! I just remembered something I read on that interweb? Interconnection? internet? Right internet. Ikea has stepped up and has is trying to make London a better place. Ikea is creating a “Utopian village” within London. They've started to build a housing project with many different resources throughout the village. It has many factors such as restaurants, parks, water taxi piers and cycle paths. It will have up to 1,200 homes with three bedrooms, being able to accommodate many families. There will be parking underground to keep “Ikean Utopia” vehicle-free, local buses and taxi’s will be re-routed throughout the neighbourhood. This “Ikean Utopia” will have everything. This is what I’m talking about. We need more innovative minds that can create an ideal place to live without ruining our planet.” An Ikean Utopia I thought, this is even better! this man really knew it all. The fact that Ikea is creating a vehicle free village is amazing!

"Ikean Utopia"

I said “This is marvellous Mr. Jenkins! Thank you! I will definitely put this in the paper. In the meantime, you should call a community meeting. Get people involved.” “ No, thank you Griffin." He said. "You have shown me that I have more to do in my life, I’ve gotten my inspiration back!” I left Sunnydale in a hurry so I could start writing my report. I stayed up all night writing and editing and created a wonderful report about Sunnydale. Everyone loved my report and it got published on the front page of the paper, the headlines reading, Sunnydale bounces back! Meanwhile back at Sunnydale, Mr. Jenkins was elected the new mayor and was starting to change Sunnydale for the better. I hope this story shows you that just one person can still make a huge difference!

The End!

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