The 2030 Vision A look into the future of Saudi Arabia

Step 1 - Going Green

Green future

After half a century of neglect, the saudi government plans on investing in clean energy for the future in order to keep the world from becoming unlivable.

farming in the eastern province

By 2030, around 50 billion dollars will be invested in clean energy. Aramco will be put in charge of the transition as the new head of energy for the entire country.

Step 2 - getting out of oil dependancy

The Saudi government knows that oil is not infinite, so they want to decrease their dependence on oil. In order not to rely on oil, the Government wants to start selling capital goods, like timber, crops, gravel, spices, meat, camels, and many others.

Step 3 - Modernising

The government plans on making the country more open, allowing more muslims to come in and visit the holy sites.

The holy Kaaba

They also plan to become investment powerhouse, modernizing law system and rights, and allowing for a sort of green card ownership. By 2030, Saudi will be a cultural, economic, and global hub .

Step 4 - Improving rights and transparency

The kingdom plans on becoming a home from freedom and cultural coming together, with housing, citizenship, and job rights to women and foreign citizens.

Kingdom tower in Jeddah. After it is built, it will be the world's tallest building.

Step 5 - Infrastructure and housing

After the influx of people and money through commerce and economic processes, there has to be houses amenities go around. The Saudi government plans on creating many gated communities, apartment complexes, central business districts, and many more infrastructural components by 2030.


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