Preliminary Task Ollie Ellen

In this post I will be comparing my final piece to my preliminary task. I will not only be analysing the two final pieces but also, team work, organisation and communication

Back in September, we were challenged to create a sequence that included, shot reverse shot, 180 degree rule and match on action. In this sense we completed the challenge set as we included all 3 of those requirements. However we only had about 30 mins to come up with an idea, film and edit so obviously this was no way near the quality of my final piece so comparing the two would be very unfair.

Preliminary link- <iframe width="596" height="359" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Final piece link- <iframe width="1246" height="562" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Editing. In the preliminary task we were set 30 mins to film and edit. So the only real techniques we used were chronological editing and match on action. We threw all the clips in to Imovie in order and that was pretty much all we did on the editing side of the prelim.

Editing the final piece obviously took a lot more time and effort and seeing as I was editor for our group the techniques were a lot more technical compared to the prelim. The piece took around 2 months to edit compared to 10 mins.

Cinematography- In our prelim the cinematography is very basic with a few varied shots and angles. Again we were on an extremely rushed timescale and our knowledge and understanding of shots and angles was not as extensive as it was when filming our final piece.

Final piece. The cinematography used in our final piece was a lot better as we had more time to sit down and plan each shot that we wanted. Also it really helped that we had a DSLR camera opposed to in the prelim where we had an Ipad

Sound. Sound in the prelim task is virtually non existent. We did not have enough time to find a soundtrack or SFX online so they only piece of sound we had was the dialogue shared between myself and Rory. Even the dialogue was not very good seeing as we had no external mics and was filmed on an Ipad.

Sound in the final piece Lola was very good in my opinion. The sound used included dialogue filmed from an external mic attached to the actress, SFX found from online sites and non-diegetic music also found from a external website. Again as the time scale was much larger for Lola I had time to sit down and browse for fitting music and SFX that would perfectly work.

Overall of course the quality of the two pieces are so far apart and that is simply due to the timescale. For Lola we had time to plan and research and because of this we had a better understanding about how to elicit fear to the audience and more time to film and edit.

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