Belonging Update and new chapters.

He demands all or nothing from her. Can he lure the curvy Isabella to his side? Or will her insecurities rob her of a chance at happiness?

It is Isabella's eighteenth birthday. Her sole friend, Christopher, is the only one who has remembered, but he has sexy ulterior motives. The Dom wants her to submit to him. After some time on a spanking bench and in subspace, Isabella readily agrees to be Christopher's submissive, handing herself over body and soul to him.

Later a confrontation with her parents causes Christopher to defend Isabella. Then he takes her away to begin a new life with him. He introduces her to his best friends, who begin to make their own plans for the beautiful, curvy Isabella involving the art of rope bondage. Can she handle all three men? Will memories from her past keep her from enjoying a new level of ecstasy with them?


Her parents stir up trouble for the happy couple. They demand Isabella come home or they will hurt Christopher. Is this the end of their relationship? Is there a happily ever after in sight, or will Isabella be torn from the only place she has ever felt like she belonged, by her master’s side? BBW, HEA, D/s, Shibari, Explicit Sexual Situations, Rope Play

Created By
Sway Jones