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“‘Well, so I’m going to die.’ Sooner than other people will, obviously. But everybody knows life isn’t worth living.” (Camus 114).

Once Meursault understood that his execution was imminent his existentialist view on life hit almost a apathetic state in which he did not care about his status of life anymore.

Life may be difficult, yes, but that does not mean that it is fruitless.

People are dealt different hands from the day they are born, some may not be ideal but it is what they have to work with.

Life can be lit.

Throughout the struggles of existence there are two sides to how one views reality: that life is meaningless and futile, and that we have meaning to our lives. Life is what we make it-- one has to make their own meaning, one needs to make their own adventure.

Adventure: An exciting or very unusual experience.

Fun in life is endless

In the story of Sisyphus, a man is doomed to roll a boulder up a hill for all eternity. Yet after doing this impractical task Sisyphus realizes that he is happy.

The rock, Dwayne, the rock, Johnson

When the gods sent Sisyphus to be eternally rolling a boulder at first he was in despair.

Repetition can be restless

Even when he starts his punishment he feels as if he is eternally doomed but after doing it for so long he realises that it's his work.

This correlates to how life is worth living because even though Sisyphus’s life is, as many would say damned, he still finds joy within his own life because that's his, unlike anyone else's.

Sisyphus is happy because he understands that even though his life is only rolling this one boulder day in and day out, it's his boulder. That is his job which allows him happiness knowing that only he is doing that job. The gods choose him to “punish” yet he perceives that as a gift because no one else has to do that-so it is his personal fate

Sisyphus has found happiness in absolute repetition, such as having a job is repetition. This teaches that one can find meaning and happiness in life even if there is nothing to it.

Within the movie Cool Hand Luke (Rosenberg) the main character Luke demonstrates a lack of self meaning in the beginning-when he is roaming around decapitating parking meters.

At first Luke seems as if he is distant and the quiet one of the group. Before he went to jail he was at the lowest point in his life in which he was cutting heads off of parking meters.

Luke was a drinker yet he stopped after going to jail. With the lack of alcohol this led him to work hard every day to get his mind off the drinking, showing that his life changed after having that experience. Typically going to jail is the lowest point in someone's life yet that gave meaning to Luke.

Towards about half way through the movie Luke expresses that even when doing a meaningless and boring task that it should be fun because it's what they have to do.

Luke led the other inmates to have a similar feeling such as Sisyphus did when they enjoy the laborers work they are put through. Even though it’s not what they want to be doing they do it with pride because that job is theirs.

Luke makes life have meaning from nothing and that shows how people should view life. It's going to be hard, growing up is going to be hard, it will be scary and at points one feels as if it's not worth it. But it is worth living, life is so amazing, it can be filled with everything you want, one just has to work for that.

The feeling of apathy towards life has the effect of one feeling depressed or numb towards otherwise emotional events, such as when Meursault is doomed to be executed and he feels indifferent.

Apathy: lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern

Not every single person believes the world to be dull and bleak, many deem life exciting and worthwhile.

Many people in high school feel as if the world is against them and that the odds are stacked because in a sense they are. With college coming up and the stresses of life itself one can understand why the feeling of woefulness is present.

Yet within that very same college many amazing things can happen such as meeting new friends and that leads to long lasting relationships. Even when people view life as if it’s dull many find meaning for them, that guides their goals in life which happiness derives from.

I view that life has meaning, it just flows different from one person to the next. With it being goal aspired-this helps us find meaning, letting us go onward.

Typically people who are not ambitious have no goals, this leads to laziness which may increase the chance of sadness.

Yet on the other hand people who have life goals work towards achieving these goals which gives their lives meaning

The future holds the unknown for everyone, yet having goals to drive one forward brings purpose to life and a new outlook.

The lack of feeling towards anything is known as apathy, the main character in The Stranger written by Albert Camus depicts such numbness. Yet this is not the best way to think, life is adventurous and amazing. One does not need to have an optimistic view on life, just enjoy life for everything it is.

Life may be hard from time to time, that is normal. Every person's life will get difficult, dealing with loss and heartbreak. But life is fruitful deriving meaning from even small things such as eating food and meeting people where you develop long lasting bonds, plus the infinite amount of possible things to do.


The Stranger (Albert Camus)

Cool Hand Luke (Stuart Rosenberg)

The Story of Sisyphus


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