Windy Ireland the time we almost blew away

For Thanksgiving in 2015 , my friends and I went to Ireland. We took a bus from Dublin to Galway to see the Cliffs of Moher... and in true Ireland style, it was pouring rain and the wind was the strongest I'v ever seen.
The Wind was so bad they almost didn't let us on to the Cliffs. It was incredibly hard to walk, the wind would just push you to the ground. Our hair was being whipped across our faces and the rain felt like little stinging needles. It took all or our energy to just stand up.
I had to grip my hat with both hands to keep it from flying away, even then it still got snatched, and someone had to grab it before it flew into the ocean.
My friend Rosa, tried to fall face first into the wind, but it was impossible the winds resistance was the same force as her falling!
It's easy to say than none of us had ever tortured our hair as badly, as the winds did that day. it took hours to try and brush out those tangles
This is my friend being an idiot and almost falling to her death... if the wind had changed direction she would have plumited down the cliff
The mist was insane, we were almost soaked after only being there for few min.
The ocean spray was flying up the side of the cliff and and into our face
But it was still the best day ever and our faces hurt from smiling so hard
Ireland was my favorite country I visited

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