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In 1960 Somalia was created from a former British protectorate and an Italian colony, Somalia collapsed into anaurchy following the overthrow of the military regime of President Said Barre in 1991. Somalia is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and the most deadly country.


This are some countries and bodies of water that border Somalia.
Somalia is located in Africa.
Somalia is bordered by the countries of Djibouti, Ethiopia , and Kenya. As well as the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea , and the gulf of Aden. Ethiopia is to the west, Djibouti to the northwest, the Indian Ocean to the east and Kenya to the southwest.
There are people in Somalia that live in really bad conditions but the people who live in the capital of Somalia have a better life.
This is one of. The most beautiful places that are located in the capital of Somalia.
The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu. The exact location of Somalia is 2.0333 degrees North, 45.3500 degrees East. This country is located in Africa.
This is a close example of the landforms that are in Somalia.
Some of the landforms in Somalia are flat but here is one of them with mountains.
In the low areas, the mean temperature ranges from about 24°c to 31°c. Rain falls in two seasons of the year heavy Rains from march to may, and light rains from September to December.
Somalia is a flat land in the south, with mountains in the north. Somalia has a tropical climate but not torrid climate, and there is little seasonal change in the temperature.


Somalia is consistently rated as one of the most lawless and dangerous places on Earth. The country has been with out government for over 2 decades.

This is how people live in the capital of Somalia.
This is how people in Somalia live.
This was an hotel that was attacked in Mogadishu.
As I said Somalia is one of the most dangerous places in the world that is why military is always operating.
But not everything is bad in Somalia there are really good things about it for example the beach.
Somali is the name of the group this is the most widely recognized symbol to camel.
Uranium, iron, ore, gypsum, bauxita, copper, salt and natural gas. This are some of the resources that are found in Somalia.
This is an example of a church that they go to.
Islamic, Muslim are the religions in Somalia. The majority belong to the Sunni branch of the Islam.
The Independence Day of Somalia is on June 26.
The foundation of the republic was on the 1st of July and at the begging of August, they hold a new year celebration Dab-Shid.
One of their customs is that Somali greet each other with handshakes, but never with the opposite sex.
There was no government in Somalia however some of the Djibouti people took the first steps toward restablishing a government for Somalia.
This government was named "Supreme Revolutionary Council ".

Human- Environment Interaction

Corn, sorghum, beans, rice, vegetables, cotton, and sesame are some of the crops that grow in Somalia.
The basic monastery unit is the samali shilling. This is an example of another job, this is first international payments network. The second one is calles "Team Canada". And the last one is a secretary.
Three are endangered species in Somalia, the African elephant and the wild ass is an example of the animals that are endangered in Somalia. There are also endangered plants the acacia manubensis, and the adenpodia rotudilflora are an example of the plants.


On the east coast of Africa , east of Ethiopia, northeast of Kenya and southeast of Djibouti there is where Somalia is located.

Private schools were closed or nationalized in1972. Primary school enrolled in 1995 was estimated at less than 10% of age elegible students, secondary school enrollment was at less than 6% of age elegible. Mogadishu university is the primary source for higher education.
The population in Somalia is about 10.5 million people. In the graphic above is an example of the population density.

The area of Somalia in square miles is 246,201mi2 . The capital of Somalia GDP is 147.80USD from 1960 to 2010.

As the picture above says, male expectancy is :53.5 and female expectancy is 56.6 which means that Somalia expects more from female than male.

The literacy of Somalia became to be 37.8 Somalian's population is literate 49.7 percent of the adult male population is literate but only 25.8% of adult females.

Somalia climate is principally desert.


Import goods- manufactured, petroleum products, foodstuffs, construction materials , export goods-livestock, bananas, hides, fish, charcoal, scrap metal are some examples of the goods that is imported in and out of Somalia. Two of the pictures above shows the movement of people, how people travel from one place to another and one of the pictures shows the movement of ideas.
This is the flag of Somalia. The blue field is the same shade that is used in the United Nations the five pointed white "star of unity" is the symbol of Somali race.

On June 25 1960 Somalia marked the end of 73 years of British regime in Somalia. In May 1960, British Colonial Secretary, Ian Maclead, formally announced that Britain was about to grant independence to Somaliland so that it can unite with Italian Somaliland (Somalia).

This an example of how they celebrate their independence.

Until now access to the internet has been via dial-up or satellite links. Earlier this year, 3G mobile phone services were cut off because of a threat from Islamist militants.
The communication in Somalia includes radios, internet, print, television,postal etc... their transportation are taxis and central cars.

Current Events

An unusually large bomb exploded at the center of a busy market in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Sunday, killing at least 30 people and injuring others.( Feb 26 2017)

In a world filled with excess food, 20 million people are on the brink of famine, including 1.4 million children at imminent risk of death. In the face of such grim numbers, a stark question confronts the world’s most powerful.( Feb 22 2017).

Travel Brochure

Mogadishu, Somalia has a lot of beautiful places to travel. An example of this places is the beach in Mogadishu. Which is a goood place to travel during summer, walking around Mogadishu you can see more interesting places. La Badana is one of the most places visited in Somalia.

Day in the Life of a High School Resident

Some of the teenagers that live in Somalia have the opportunity to attend to school but the majority doesn't go to school. These schools are usually attended only by boys and traditionally emphasize memorization of the Koran. While researching I found a story about a teenager. His name is Hassan he is in grade 11 he is one of the teenagers that attend to school. In fact, just like Hassan, 48% of all Somali boys and 52% of girls aged 5-14 work full-time rather than go to school.Soccer is the most popular and widely played sport in Somalia.

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