Life on a bike And how it stayed locked with rambo locks

Starting out today on my bike and traveled around to the ocean to enjoy the lovely weather. There's nothing like the sea air to make a wonderful day even better. I think we may go to a movie later.

Where do you want to go today?

Then we went to the city but we felt a bit lost and not really ourselves that day...

So we left for the park.

Sometimes you need to let the others go on while you stay back.

Then another park.

Keep your bike safe & enjoy spending time with the ones you love.

But really I think we were more interested in coffee more than nature today.

With renewed energy and vigour we rode wth a new sense of purpose...

Well it actually took awhile to get moving...

But I couldn't believe how many people don't lock their stuff.
And sometimes people just didn't know how to let go of the bike and enjoy the rest of the day.

Some attempted to keep their bikes and other items safe.

They didn't really seem to be trying,

And others failed miserably.

Finally we did decided to go to the movies for a movie about riding.

Ride along 2? Is that a movie?
Created By
Mark Malinowski

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