Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolf By: Vishnu and Alex D.

Blue- Northwest Montana | Pink- Yellowstone | Yellow- Central Idaho

The population of the Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolf is exponentially growing because the amount of pups they are having in their litters (5 or 6 pups) and due to the increase of the availability of resources .

The population can grow but only after a decrease of the population when there are more deaths because more resources would be made available and would allow the population to grow once again.

From the picture above, two groups of Wolves are separated. If part of one group immigrated to the other group for the plentiful resources in the other region, then the population would either even out or would have a larger bulk of the population farther northwest.

Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolves are not prone to emigrating out of their natural habitat where resources are not low and are usually plentiful. That would influence the population by having a lot of wolves in the mountains. That would also mean it would increase the population a lot quicker.

Limited resources would effect the Northern Rocky Grey Wolf population by decreasing it. Because of the exponential growth, the resources would soon deplete, leveling out the population. In the first graph, you can see that they have not yet hit their carrying capacity, which is the maximum amount of individuals the environment can handle.

Some density-dependent factors could be territorial disputes between wolf packs of Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolves. Another one could be hunters killing and using the wolves for different reasons. These two factors can level and diminish the population.

Earthquakes are one of many density-independent factors which can limit the population of the Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolf. Earthquakes are deadly and can decrease the population if they occur too often. Blizzards are another factor which can affect the population. Blizzards can kill and separate wolves from their packs.

Northern Rocky Mountain Grey Wolf

Logistic growth starts out with a slow growth then an exponential growth in the population until resources that are limited level off the population near the carrying capacity.


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