THE DIVINE A Play for sarah bernhardt review

I sat in the middle of the auditorium and close to the stage. I felt indifferent when walking in to the theater because it was just something I had to attend to. Normally, I don't get very excited going to a play because it is not of my interest. My seat placement did happen to affect my overall critique of the play for the better, I was glad that I did not sit in the back.When the lights dimmed and the audience became silent, I was again indifferent. The only change was that I assumed the play was starting. The size of the auditorium wasn't that big in my opinion, I have been in large auditoriums before. The size would have an affect in the good life if you were not already used to it, the initial surprise is what gets people excited.

I did not go with anyone else to the play, and I rarely talked to the strangers next to me. Therefore, I did not have much of a social experience that night. I just got in and sat quietly and left by myself. Shared experiences are crucial for the good life, because my favorite life events all contained others in my whom I enjoyed being around.

After seeing this play, I did reflect upon my own culture and the possible social flaws that could inhabit it. The play also reminded me that sometimes the majority or powerful groups in a society neglect the problems minority groups can have such as poor working conditions and pay for poor child laborers. That also seemed to be the underlying issue in the play. The wealthy, powerful, influential group of people in England neglected the complaints that the poor had with getting work at a slave's wage. The shoemaker boss did have s very good point and accuse the actress that she never even thought about the young children that have died making her boots. I knew that the Industrialization in England basically removed the middle class and had most citizens working with barely livable wages in horrid conditions in the 1800s. The government have not regulated these conditions until decades later. The performance never changed any of the views that I had in society but it did remind me how "ignorance is bliss" for a lot of people. I feel that Trump is an example of this ignorance. I feel that the recent muslim ban is not what most of America wanted. I feel he gets justification by being with others just like him (wealthy white males) and assumes its what the majority of Americans want. The ban is discrimination in my opinion and I thought the U.S has evolved from this, such as in the 1960's about black rights.

The play provided everyone with a catharsis because it was emotionally devastating when the little brother stopped knocking from the basement and the reaction from the actors when they reveal what had happened. This really made the audience contemplate the social injustices that are going on in our culture because we all empathized for the mother and brother. The treatment of the workers from the boss also easily made me personally angry at him, which is what is supposed to happen. Overall, the play was an emotional roller coaster but sadly, not for the better. It was very dark and grim in many spots and had very few scenes that actually uplifted my mood.

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