Digital portfolio zi project By Zion

This is my paper by 53project I did it on my I pad and added a barn a tree bushes a water fall and the others including the grass details

Over here I mimicked my paper by 53 project on a paper I added less detail and and and did a exsample if it had less detail and liter colors

Over here I did a portion of the real panting itself and I shaded and then went over it hard and took a picture
In this picture I copied a picture off a website and did it in my own way we first when's over in crayon and then with tissues paper
This was my clay project it was really fun we got to even add prients
This project was a project that we made a list of things that you like and and made things in the picture that represented it
This was the radial symmetry project and I decided to add blue on top of green and added different small unique details

My year of art was amazing I really enjoyed my year we did many different types of art and unique things we got to do clay and radial symmetry optical lllusions and art apps I enjoyed my year very much

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