The U.S.-Mexican War By Kendall Cautivar

U.S. Lieutenant Napoleon Dana was station with his fellow soldiers along the Rio Grande he was sent there by Louisiana anticipating a fight from Mexico

The border conflict where Dana took part arose from tensions between Mexico and the U.S.

In November 1845 President James K. Polk sent John S. Slidell to Mexico to settle the disputes

With conflict brewing Polk sent PGeneral Zachary Taylor and thousands of soldier to Texas.

Thousands of volunteers joined to army to fight the Mexicans when the call for war came. They all wanted revenge against their old rival Santa Anna.

John S. Rip Ford who was a ranger were recognized for their leadership and bravery with Jack Coffee Hays and Ben McCulloch

An offensive is a major troop advance

Winfield Scott was the new commander of the army to replace Taylor

Scott chose a different strategy than Taglor he sailed to Veracruz which had the strongest Mexican fortress in Mexico and after a long battle Scott took control of the city

After the war many people had died not because of violence but because of disease nearly 13,000 U.S. Soldiers died and countless live in Mexico


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