The Story Of Football

Author: Dave Anderson

Copyright Date: 1997

Topic or event: Football

Date or Time period: 1869 (starting of football) 1920 (NFL starts)

Setting or place: football field

Important people in football:

Amos Alonzo Stagg is one of the most important people in this book, he changed the way football is played. He was said to be the person who created the forward pass, use tackling dummy's and blocking sled, number the uniforms, the huddle after each play, and the worst of all wind sprints.

People who have changed the game:

In 1931 two great Notre Dame football players, Rockne and Dorais were the first people to throw and catch a pass during a football game. They used this tactic first in a 35-13 upset against Army. Dorais completed 10 of 13 passes to Rockne

7 facts I have learned from this book:

1. The name "Super Bowl" came from a little girl bouncing a super ball

2. One of the first African American football players was Marion Motely

3. Paul (Bear) Bryant has the most wins of any college football coach 328-18

4. Joe Namath was the first quarterback to pass for more than 4,000 yards

5. In 1977 Walter Payton broke the NFL single-game record with 275 yards

6. Pete Gogolak was the first pro football kicker too use the Soccer-style kicking (lining up 45 degrees to the ball) instead of the conventional way of kicking (lining up straight behind the ball)

7. Dan Marino had the NFL record for most passing yard at 5084 and most completions with 362

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