Village of Pulaski Local Government

Address of Municipal Building: 585 E. Glenbrook Dr. Pulaski, WI 54162

Village Sign
The Pulaski Reds put in a request for a new scoreboard

Issue: The Pulaski Reds put in a request to the village board for a new scoreboard on their field.

Board Discussion: During this meeting they discussed possible sponsors to contribute money and the timetable for this to happen.

Board Decision: The board decided to allow Furnitureland to sponsor the new scoreboard, although they would prefer to get one more sponsor before construction starts. They would like to have it up and running before the start of next years baseball season.

My Opinion: I like the fact that they have a sponsor lined up and want to build a new scoreboard because of how old and beat up the current one looks. I agree that a new scoreboard would help the Reds Diamond look new and from this century.

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