Renewable energy. By Ugonnia Osuigwe

Imagine a world in which renewable energy is the main power source. People on earth will become healthier and more productive. Our Life expectancy increases and the standard of living gets better.

It allows for more people to start moving to suburban areas and moving away from the congested cities. It allows economic growth to be spaced out around the country.

It allows people to fully enjoy Nature and its beauty. It is an energy source not prone to leaks and no harm happens to the environment. Nature will continue to strieve.

The sun is a never ending power supply and will never run out. No factories needed you can operate a solar energy panel in the comfort of your house. Sounds great.

It is a never ending energy source which is a good thing . Think of the environment and the beauty of Nature that God has given to us. Renewable energy is the future and fossil fuel should be in the past.


Created with images by Ian D - "Whitelee Wind Farm" • Gidzy - "Scout Moor Wind Farm and some people" • lreis - "wind torres energy" • HOerwin56 - "kaunertal dam kopfssee" • kevin dooley - "Solar panels" • winterseitler - "pinwheel sun sunbeam" • skeeze - "solar panel array power sun" • Antranias - "energy eco solar" • Unsplash - "wind farm energy green"

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